Sunday, May 29, 2011

I knew the river Ganga

This had once struck me, in my childhood.
That I had been there in my previous life.
Not that I remember it anymore.
I just know it.

Now, I am small.
Playing with toys.
They don’t have life.
Have friends.
They will be namesake later.
I’m living a good life.
It will be marooned in a couple of years.
In a couple of years from now,
I will be only matter. A lost soul.
But, I still don’t know that.

Now, I am playing.
It’s marbles.
I had once used my fingers to dig a hole.
Today, because of rain the place is wet.
The hole is filled with water.
And, I have to touch it.
And there, it struck me.
My previous life, I recall now.
‘I am water.
Ganga was there.
Its water flowed.
Its tributaries many.
I was one of them.
A water body.
Used to flow.
Carrying everything.
From life, to death.
I couldn’t take it. This flash of thought.
It was too huge. I was too small.
What is water? One of the five elements.
In school, I learnt it.
But, I am not one. I am just a boy.
Leave me. Please. Please leave me…

Now, I am in my early twenties.
Water has been my childhood friend.
I love rains. I love water.
But, I am carrying a burden.
A truth. I can’t recollect it.
It’s some memory of my childhood.

Now, I am small.
Powerless. Full of life.
I am playing. It’s marbles.
The game I love the most.
It’s raining. I am winning.
I want to play more.
But they are leaving.
One by one. Leaving me alone.
Suddenly, it again struck me.
“The rain.” It’s because of it!

Now, I am water.
I am carrying a dead body.
It was bathing in me. Every day.
Now, it has drowned in me. Forever.
Its death- I can taste it.
Taking the corpse to where it belongs.
To Ganga- the land of the dead.
Where even I am destined to die.’
I am screaming. I can’t take this.
I love water. I really love water.
It can take my life with it. Just can’t.
Leave me alone. Let me be. Just be.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so u write poems too...
WOW wat a thought,,,even i mst hv wondered wat wud i hv been,but sumthing like being 1 of the elements is wat a poet can strech his imagination too...
BUT actually we all hv the 5 elements, all within us ,and been experiencing being one of them is jst out of the world...
ur this poem reminds me of ARJUNA in GEETA,,,
dats whr he wants to be Ajuna nothing else...this is wat human is ,cant leave his ego of existence..
BUT the irony is if man looses the EGO of existance he wud feel everything wud be dry ...but its nt true...
dnt knw if i am able to express it the way it is or no...

nyways u write good mst say,,,u touch hearts..

awaiting for some more of this too