Sunday, November 13, 2011

I in Etcetera

From the cryptic sand dunes in The Dewarists
to the free-for-all pleasure giving whore called English
I am heading towards the meaning of my life.

From Dawood searching for his burial place where Black Friday transpired
to the enshrined marriage vows KrIMated over and over again
I am exploding in my meaningless existence.

From Botox to Dolly to preservation of the umbilical cord    
to Slutwalk to I am Anna to Occupy Wallstreet to Zero Tolerance
I can see myself in the mirror yet can’t face the truth.

From proving ‘the world which acts as if it knows me’ wrong
to getting predictable with my inner senses
I am merging with my destiny.


Reshma Vyas said...

Is it me or me
is this all that i feel
touch the sand the desert is yours
pick up a star and the moon is mine
from your lines is this all i can feel
write and be light is your reason to be

;0 just a few lines dont know if they sound good.. take care

Ninad said...

Hmm..quite interesting. I loved the transition that happens from one verse to another. The subtle yet poignant use of metaphor is commendable. Really nice

Abhishek Parikh said...

Reshma- Nice attempt... can definitely get better.

Ninad- Thank you.